Drug Rehabilitation Clinics

Stop use drugs, otherwise the drugs will stop you.

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Why a site about Drug Rehabilitation?

We were surfing the World Wide Web and discovered that the people who are searching for Drug Rehabilitation Clinics in Europe, are having a problem to find them. That is why we came to the idea to develop a website that offers a European index of Drug Rehabilitation Clinics. So the people who really need help can easily find it.
We do realize that the index is far from complete, though we found 1066 Drug Rehabilitation Clinics all over Europe. A lot of European Drug Rehabilitations Clinics do not even have a website and also the most addresses of these institutes are really hard to find. That is why we need your help to make the index more complete! If you know any address related to an European Drug Rehabilitation Clinic that is not indexed on this web site please send us an e-mail to the following link: And if you want, you can tell us your experience in one of the European drug rehabilitation clinics. (your information will be treated strictly confidential)

More then just a index

Drug addiction is very complex, life-threatening issue. We want to help the family, friends and the persons who are addicted with better information about drugs, drugs addiction and drugs rehabilitation. Our website contains beside the index, information about addiction, rehabilitation programs, Crystal meth, Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Crack, Marijuana, Hallucinogens Drugs etc. and also recent news about drugs and rehabilitation's program's. We try to give you the most complete information. We hope that you can use the information on this website as the basic for your further help.

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